WritingxWriters 19/20 Residencies Finalist

Since graduating with my MFA in January 2019, I’ve started applying to writing retreat and residencies.

To any writer, time is precious. Weeks of uninterrupted writing time sounds to me like a fairy tale, too good to be true. But these mythical programs do exist, so I’ve been diligently applying, hoping my small but mighty publishing history and my nearly finished manuscript would be enough to earn me a spot.

Well, the first decision has just been handed down for the WritingxWriters 2019-20 residencies. I wasn’t awarded a spot.

But I was named one of the fifteen finalists! The fields for these residencies are large and competitive, so to be named a finalist gives me hope that if I keep at it, one day I will earn a spot. It’s not quite success, but its progress, and progress I’ll take! Cheers, friends!

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