“Joan” wins the conger beasley jr. award in nonfiction at new letters!

I am so thrilled to share that my essay “Joan” has won this year’s New Letters award in nonfiction! This essay is close to my heart; it recounts the 1972 Rocky Mountain National Park search for Joan Jardine and Fred Stone, and explores the emotional and psychological burdens SAR personnel face. I am so proud that this important topic is getting recognized at such a prestigious publication! Thank you to judge Heather Sellers and the editorial team at New Letters!

4 Comments on ““Joan” wins the conger beasley jr. award in nonfiction at new letters!

  1. I would love to read your essay “Joan”. This incident has haunted me all these years and only recently have I been able to look at some of the articles related to this incident. I was a close friend to Fred Stone and knew Joan Jardine. I am haunted by the fact that Fred asked me to go with him on that fateful trip. I could not go because of school work that was due on Monday. Fred did not mention Joan gong with him so I am still also haunted by the fact that perhaps Joan would not have gone on the trip if I did and might still be alive today. I was on the search team and was asked identify Joan’s body… Such a difficult thing for a 19 year old CSU student but I knew her better than anyone on our team. I have pieced together many things and do think I know what happened. I intend to visit the site some time as I know where Joan’s body was found and Fred’s body was found the next spring. This might help me with some closure.


  2. When will your essay “Joan” be available to read? I knew Joanie In high school and am interested in reading your account of the search and rescue that was undertaken on her behalf. Her story has forever haunted me. Thanks for your time.
    Mary Finley


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