About Rebecca Young

Hi there, and welcome!

My life and writing have been informed by growing up half-feral on a horse farm in Illinois, where I was more often than not found literally running wild among unbroke yearlings, chaperoned only by a succession of loyal, perennially anxious border collie dogs.

The horse farm was the perfect place to learn how to work hard and stay humble, because if you came into the barn aisle late for morning grain with too much swagger in your gait, there was always a horse or two happy to knock you into the dirt. Even back then I was writing in journals and notebooks. 

I earned my bachelors in English from Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, CO, primarily as an excuse to go West and do what I loved and was going to do anyway–writing. I decided after college I’d do whatever it took to stay in the mountains, explore and love them to the best of my ability, and write about what I came to know here.

In Colorado, I’ve worked as an outdoor guide, a zipline guide (known to those in the profession as sky rangers), a school teacher, and a liftie and snow bike instructor (if you don’t know what snow biking is, I recommend looking into it; it’s not fat biking, it’s entirely more fun than that), all to support adventuring and writing habits I refused to give up. 

Since I couldn’t stop writing anyways, I decided to go all in with the habit, and in 2019 I graduated from Vermont College of Fine Arts with my Masters in Writing, dual emphasis on fiction and creative nonfiction.

My work focuses on the intersections of natural environments, identity, lyricism, and old-fashioned, outdoor stoke. My experiences living in communities of animals both wild and domestic, and traipsing all about the Colorado Rockies guide and inspire my work.

My essays have been published in Alpinist Magazine, Maine Review, Animal Literary Magazine, and many others. I’m so proud of what I’ve produced so far, and so delighted to see where this persistent habit takes me next. I also write and edit and individuals, as well as mentor other writers and selectively tutor high school and college students. I chose to work as a freelancer in these ways because your voice is the most powerful tool you possess; you should know how to raise it, and how to communicate your passions. I love helping others find their unique voices, and teaching them how to best be heard. 

When I’m not writing, editing, or teaching, you can generally find me playing in the mountains of Colorado, or in the desert canyons of the Southwest. I live in Leadville, CO, at 10,200ft, which means I’ve probably got more red blood cells than you, but have to drive way further to catch a plane. Leadville has unparalleled access to the outdoors, and I’m proud to say I typically spend a hundred or more days outside hiking, climbing, canyoneering, mountaineering, backpacking, skiing, snowmobiling, and volunteering for my local SAR team. 

Thanks for visiting my site, and please do reach out, I’d love to meet you! 

Here are a handful of services I offer:

College Tutor

I tutor high school and college students n all humanities subjects, helping them craft their essays and presentations and absorb the content in a way that sticks.


I work as a copy editor and grant writer for non-profits and businesses, helping them to articulate their mission and services in a way that attracts the right audience.

Professional Editor

I also work with authors, helping to prepare their work for publication. Visit https://empathiceditors.com/meet-our-editors to learn more about my editorial work.

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