How I Work With Students

I tutor college, high school, and middle school students. I truly enjoy watching a student reach new levels of understanding and success in their academic pursuits. I can provide a lifeline to students who are struggling to comprehend and/or understand the relevance of academic materials.

Initial Consultation

I usually set up an initial consultation so I can become familiar with a student’s needs and determine how I can best help the student.

Plan of Action

If they choose to hire me as a tutor, we create a plan and schedule our meetings virtually or in-person.

I typically work with students on a per-hour basis. I don’t usually require a contract up front.

For virtual sessions, students simply need high speed internet with a Google email account for video chatting and Google Doc sharing. 

I require that students provide me with the login info for their online classrooms so I have access to the syllabus, assignments, due dates, and other relevant materials.

I request that students have a rough plan of what they’d like to spend their session time on. Whenever possible, I’d like to know what assignment we’ll be focusing on ahead of time so I can complete any necessary prep. 


I accept payment via Venmo or Paypal.

I can charge per session or bi-weekly, based on a student’s needs and our initial agreement.

When parents are paying for tutoring, I require confirmation from the parent prior to our first session.

Cancellation Policy

I have a 12-hour cancellation policy, which is typically 12 hours better than most companies policies. If you cancel within 12 hours of our scheduled appointment, I reserve the right to charge you for that time.


I am not a paper-writing service. I help students create their own content but do not write it for them. I do not guarantee any particular grade bumps; however, students always see grade improvements as a result of working with me.