As a tutor, I have experience mentoring students in a variety of humanities curriculums.

I primarily work with undergraduate students in English, writing, and general communications courses. I also work with high school and middle school students in all subjects.

I help my students to improve comprehension and retention of their course material and readings, improve and polish their homework and written assignments with an eye towards correct grammar, syntax, tone, and structure, and practice superior test preparation.

Ultimately, I hope to not only help my students improve their academic performance, but also to deepen their understanding of their class material while fostering real world connections to academic concepts and structures.


Organizations hire me as a freelance writer to create content that articulates their message, services, processes in a way that connects with their audience. I can help with content creation and editing content for websites, newsletters, blogs, and internal documentation.

I especially love working with organizations that have focus on education, environmental conservation, or the arts.

I seek to capture the voice, tone, and mission of my clients in a way that is genuine, professional and connects with their audience.


For undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals of all kinds who would like a second pair of eyes evaluating their written work, I offer editorial services to polish and provide constructive feedback on academic papers, creative projects, and professional and technical writing projects.

We’ll discuss your work and evaluate whether it needs a substantive edit, a line edit, a copy edit, a proofread, or a combination of these. Through targeted and thorough editing I can help my clients present their best written voice to the world.


I am available for writing workshops and classes with all levels of creative and technical writers. I specialize in writing the natural world, environmental and place-based writing, both creative and technical, and creative nonfiction.

With years of backcountry travel experience and technical outdoor training, I am uniquely qualified to design and lead writing workshops in rugged, wilderness environments. Whether designing a completely new program, or assisting on an existing program, I offer a wealth of creative and outdoor experience to writers at all stages of development.