I work with students one-on-one to help them improve their academic performance. I can work virtually or meet in person locally in Colorado.

I have helped college students and high school students with their writing skills in general and have been hired to help with specific subjects including, but not limited to:

  • English, Literature, and Composition Creative Writing
  • Business, legal, and technical writing
  • Film, TV, media types of classes
  • Marketing, Advertising, Outreach
  • Communications Classes
  • History classes
  • Education classes
  • Business-related classes (primarily the written aspects) Entry level
  • Psychology, social work, or interpersonal communication

I enjoy helping students with any written assignments and can serve as an editor, checking for cohesion, clarity, correct grammar and syntax, and formatting. 

I have been working with students in academic contexts for three years. However, before that I was a horseback riding coach for elite junior equestrian competitors for five years. So, I’ve been helping students achieve all kinds of big dreams for upwards of seven years now.

In academic contexts, I provide a lifeline to students who are struggling to comprehend and/or understand the relevance of academic materials. My students and I spend a lot of time talking about the value of what they’re learning, and how it will help them in their lives either now, or in the future.

School, especially high school and college, can feel isolated from the real world, and many students experience comprehension and motivation burn-out simply because they don’t have a clear view of what all this information means to them outside of a classroom.

So, in addition to the nuts-and-bolts work my students and I do together reading, writing, investigating, and processing materials, I try to provide students a foundation of understanding so they can see how academic materials influence their goals, motivations, and dreams. 

Student Successes

A few student successes: 

  • One of my long time college students (we’ve been working together 2 years so far) will graduate from Colorado State University this spring 2020, and will be the first person in her family to earn a college degree! 
  • I helped a rather brilliant but very dyslexic engineering major earn his first ever “A” in a college writing class.
  • Students of mine have been nationally awarded and professionally sponsored athletes.

I like working with students because I love seeing the moment a young person realizes that they have a special talent or ability that they can be really proud of. The moment a book or assignment hits home for a student, and they know it’s going to deeply affect who they are becoming, those are really cool moments to witness. If I can provide just a little guidance and support to young folks on their way towards doing great things, I’m stoked!

Free Consultation

Let me know if you are interested in hiring me as a tutor for your college, high school, or middle school classes.

I am available for a free consultation to find out about your academic needs and determine how I can help.